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The Landscape is Changing

I went to an art exhibit called “logiques du rêve éveillé” (waking dream logic) with works from 16 different artists, a mixed bag of styles and techniques, with videos, sculpture, drawings, photos… I won’t detail everything, just the ones I liked the most.

Pierre Bismuth’s Following the Right Hand of Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, a framed picture of the actress (about 3′ by 4′) with a black line supposed to track the movements of… well you get the idea.

I also liked the works by Alexandra Sà, especially Pluie (Rain), a very simple one where a few specks of black material (maybe paper, I didn’t check) where slowly falling on the ground and accumulating.

The real highlight for me was Mircea Cantor’s video The Landscape is Changing. I had seen this one before, but on a screen in a crowded room, whereas here it was projected on a wall in a basement room, and I was alone watching it. This 22 minute video shows a group of about twenty people “demonstrating” in the sunbathed streets of Tirana, Albania. Except that they are carrying mirrored placards that reflect the sky or the buildings around them. The shots alternate between the group walking, often seen from above, the group being still with the mirrors forming a big panel, and close-ups of the reflections. The right setting made all the difference, as I hadn’t really noticed this video the first time I saw it. But here it made my day.


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