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June 10th, 2007: Villette sonique

@parc de la Villette, Paris

A free outdoors festival, and the recent spell of rain came to a timely stop. Great sunny weather, which matters for an outdoors event.

I started with Zero, a french band that was OK if not great. Kinda run of the mill for my increasingly rarefied taste. Yeah, that’s ironic; I would even say it’s bitter. Truth is I liked it, I can still enjoy music even when I’m not completely sold on it.

Then I skipped almost all of Jens Lekman‘s set. No regret from the few minutes I caught, not my cup of tea. My excuse was a great set by Arnaud Riviere, in a glass box, a disputable proposition with the nice weather. There were sliding panes on all sides, so it turned out well. It was supposed to be listened to on headphones, which kinda sucks. He had brought a speaker, but the sound was not great this way due to Lekman’s playing not that far away. So I spent the set putting the damned headphones off and on. I really liked that he managed to end his set much better than the last time I heard him. Another nice touch was his failing to break a record, so he basically folded it. It was not that hot, so I guess the record material is to blame, but it was kinda funny.

I expected a lot from Poni, mostly out of respect/admiration for Erna Omarsdottir, whose solo piece choreographed by Jan Favre left me with vivid and pleasant memories. It was much tamer than what I expected, but good nonetheless. Almost regular pop/rock thing, but well done.

Then I had to make a choice, as two gigs were at the same time in different parts of the park: Uffie or Shit and Shine? I chose the latter, and I’m mighty glad I did. I don’t know anything about Uffie, but I really loved Shit and Shine, the definite highlight of the day for me. Five drummers in perfect synch, with two bass players droning around the steady beat. Sunn O))) with a pulse, in a way. The first “song” lasted about 15 minutes, the second one about 20. I loved it.

The final set was by Polysics, from Japan, dressed in their orange uniforms. I’m a sucker for japanese bands anyway, so I liked it, even though it was way on the poppy side of stuff I listen to. They could have avoided the “my sharona” cover though. Then again, it went OK enough, I should stop being such a curmudgeon. The Devo influence wasn’t that obvious at first, but asserted itself as the set went on.


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