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June 9th, 2007: Talibam! / Erez Martinic

@Instants Chavirés

I didn’t know much about either band, my going was in part a way to learn the time of Arnaud Riviere’s set tomorrow. No crowd today, but still more than the last time I went there.

Erez Martinic featured two members of Chocolat Billy, one of my favorite french bands, so I had quite high expectations, which were actually exceeded. This was an excellent set, way more deliberate than my usual fare, yet fast and loud, psychedelic in a way, maybe that’s because of the keyboards. Someone more knowledgeable than me mentioned Trans Am as a possible influence, so that’s probably a better analogy. Makes sense anyway. Two keyboards, drums and bass, longish pieces, with a balance between structure and chaos that I enjoyed very much.

After this, Talibam! was a bit of a letdown, but not all that much. There were only two of them, on drums and keyboard; maybe that’s why. That drummer is really a blur, though this never devolved into an empty display of mere technique. I’m not really into keyboards usually, so I didn’t really dig the whole thing — yeah, there were a couple before, I never claimed consistency. Matter of taste, I guess.


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