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June 13th, 2007: Maria-Kiran (Bharata natyam)

I like “classical” Indian dance, which is surprising since I got bored with european ballet years ago. I keep expecting to dislike it, but that has not happened yet, at least not tonight. Bharata natyam is not my favorite style — that would be Katthak — but I do like it a lot, at least the more abstract parts, which really means those I don’t understand.

I actually liked this performance even more than usual, and in an unexpected way. The varnam was quite long and not that fast, but very good. I’m usually bothered by the facial expressions, but not this time. The real shock was that I actually liked the first padam, though I usually start fidgeting during the narrative parts; but not this time. I drifted back closer to my usual self with the second padam, but not all the way, some parts were beautiful. Finally, the fireworks of the thillana won be back completely, as usual, with some moves I had never seen before; shows how little I know, but it’s nice to still be learning stuff at my ripe age.

Note: I really don’t know anything about this dancer except that she teaches at the Mandapa center in Paris. I’m linking to their site because I had many searches for her name ending up here, so I thought I should try to put in something useful.


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