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June 15th, 2007: Monno / Arnaud Rivière, Alexandre Bellenger

That was a good one. Full disclosure: I know Arnaud and Alexandre a little, so I’m even more biased than usual. Their set was very good nonetheless, despite some technical problems at the end of the first part. They started on (battered) turntable/mixing board and twin turntables. Very different styles, harsh noise vs sustained sound at first, which worked exceedingly well, then a more percussive use the turntables. A unexpected buzzing sound from a faulty connection cut this part short, and they switched to digital drums and analog synth. That was a lot of good, fast fun. The drumkit’s laptop was programmed to make the overall sound evolve along the way, which fitted well with the synth. Finally, they went back to the turntables for a short stint of more rhythmic music.

After the break, Monno delivered another good set, also running into a glitch: the bass player broke a string midway through it. Very powerful, dense sound, it was loud but not too much. A rousing set that was just what I needed to conclude this eventful week. Almost doomish at first, it quickened and they never let the pressure go down, I liked it a lot.


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