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June 26th, 2007: Taurpis Tula

The main event was supposed to be the Skaters, but I heard that one of the guys couldn’t make it. Some the show opened with one of them and another guy. I didn’t catch the name of that band though. I liked it at first, they had a pretty rich sound, but I felt they tended to milk each idea for too long. On the other hand, if that was a last minute change, they did kind of well.

Then came Taurpis Tula. I think so, at least. Not that good in my opinion. Heather Leigh was good, but I didn’t like the free-jazzish drum/sax combo. I thought these two were playing too much as a unit, while Leigh was on her own. I’d have liked it better if the three of them had been wandering around, or more cohesion, but that setup felt unbalanced to me. I thought the saxophone was too loud, but maybe that’s just my not liking his playing…


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