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June 30th, 2007: Bag of spoon

Back @ instants chavires, for the last time in a while. A seven band festival to bring this season to a close.

Turne opened with their whole repertoire of three songs; surprisingly decent for such a short-lived band, it sure helps to have a good bass player on board. Then Ero Babaa brought their unabashed noise to the floor for a short and intense set of mistreated guitars and distorted sax. Gubbe ended the first part of the event with some more basic rock, which is not saying much coming on the heels of these madmen.

Bobby Moo were playing with Dan Warburton, and that was one of the best gigs I’ve seen this year, definitely in the top five. I thought they went in a lot of directions as the set unfolded, without getting lost along the way, which is what makes improvised music so great when it works. I felt it had a lot to do with Miho, who kept a changing yet steadying baseline that managed to keep the whole together. In a sense that reminded me of my impression of how the late Hugh McIntyre kept the NSB together, except it’s completely different.

Then on to Mahayoni Mudra. Noisy at first, it soon settled in a thoroughly enjoyable psychedelicish mess. I’ll just have to check out their record now. Antilles was pretty good, probably the best performance I’ve seen from them, but my problem is having seen them so often lately. The Gummy Stumps ended the day with some efficient post-punk, really nicely done. I just wish I could keep from comparing to the Fall any band with a talking “singer”.

I’ve been pretty busy this month, I’m definitely not looking forward to the withdrawal of the dead boring summer months in the city. Might even get me to see Wolf Eyes in July.


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