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July 12th, 2007: Tribeqa

@7 Lézards

At last I gave in to that urge. I did dream about going to a gig, so I took it as a sign and went to a jazz club I wanted to check out. I found out about that place while googling for jazz gigs: it was listed as a place for improvised music by Lê Quan Ninh, and since I like this percussionist a lot, I settled on that place. Even though I heard a few unflattering stories too. The venue is small indeed, and made me uneasy: the cramped conditions were not that bad, but there was way too much light in there. My favorite brewers say you can’t put the light in the dark, but I also feel I don’t belong in any kind of light. People are quite friendly there, but it’s an expensive place. Well, I guess that goes with the territory.

Tribeqa were great — but their site is just a myspace page. I can’t tell whether that was “real” jazz, being too genre-challenged to put labels on music. But I know that I really liked it. The lineup was balafon, guitar, bass and drums; the balafon was what made me select that gig in the first place, I just love that sound. The drummer also had a talent for beatboxing, which was a nice touch. Not at all the kind of music I’m used too, even as far as jazz is concerned, but I’m not complaining. Theirs was a potent groove, and the balafon player is amazingly gifted.

The first set went almost to a full hour but felt much shorter. The second set was actually much shorter, as the owners made them stop because they were too loud, what a concept. On their last song they were joined by a Djembe player which didn’t make the proceeding any quieter, so I guess they had a point. That guy was good, but it drowned out the balafon which was not a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Overall a great gig, I like being surprised in such a good way.


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