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July 20th, 2007: Otto von Schirach / Strom Varx / Evil Moisture / Cicerobuck


So much for my wanting to take a break from experimental noise stuff, here I go again. On the other hand, it turned out to be a pretty good move, as my recent dabbling in jazz probably made me appreciate it more. I found myself enjoying most of it, and I’m pretty sure I would have been much more jaded a mere couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t care much for the opening DJ, the records were weird enough, but I didn’t think he was adding much to these. And with that material, playing two or three of them at the same time isn’t changing much.

Then came Evil Moisture, and I have to say I was expecting to get bored quick, having seen him too many times. Was it him or just my ears having been cleansed by my recent experiences? Anyway I really liked it and think it’s the best performance of his I attended. Still harsh of course, but with some underlying cycling complexity I never noticed before.

Another great performance by Strom Varx, in the dark as usual but at times there was a beat. I had been told it would be hip hop performance, but I didn’t believe it. I’d say I was right, but I guess I can understand where that misguided comment came from. Beats are not enough to qualify, though. And of course these beats were mangled most of the time. Anyway the tag doesn’t matter, the result was real good. Still a tad too brainy for me right now, but the sound was awesome. This guy definitely knows what he’s doing.

The final performance was by Otto von Schirach. Pretty rousing mix of breakcore, death metal and plunderphonics. I don’t really care for the circus of costumes and jumping, but their cover of Prince’s When Doves Cry was a real treat. Unfortunately, it was a short set as the show started late and going on would have been inviting the cops to the party.


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