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July 29th: E.S.T. / Chucho Valdes

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Grey skies and rain almost made me skip that gig, I’m glad I trusted my unreliable weather sense and went anyway. I was right, for a change, there were only a few drops of rain at the very end.

The first set was Chucho Valdes, a Cuban pianist I had never heard of. Shows how much I know, he seems to be a legend or close to it. I can understand why now, he’s a outrageously talented musician. I can also understand my drawing a blank: I know zilch about Latin music. It’s so foreign to me, way too positive. I liked it though, but I again felt that familiar uneasiness. This is not for me, so I always get an undercurrent of melancholy from such cheerful music. Adding to my unease was being seated while a lot of people were left standing. I hate that. I tend to think I’m usurping someone’s rightful place, but here it was plain as day.

So I got up at the break and went to my usual spot: in the back, out of sight. I’m here to listen anyway, not to see. E.S.T. stands for Esbjörn Svensson Trio. They seem to be quite popular. I had only heard of them once, but that was from someone I trust in these matters. I liked it a lot, even though it’s really tame compared to my usual fare. I would probably not listen to this regularly — not weird enough — but it was a welcome change. At first the piano stood out, but over the set I came to hear how it all fit perfectly together, bass and drums were just as important. These guys must know each other well to play this way. I just don’t get that from my usual experimental/noise gigs, this interplay is what draws me to jazz. Technique is probably a part of it, but that’s just the ability to do more. The point is what do they actually do with it. And these guys had a lot to say.


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