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August 1st, 2007: Philippe Mayaux

@centre pompidou

I thought I had to check this one out as it will soon close its doors. But I guess I might have been better off not bothering and just enjoying the sunny weather. Just not my style, I didn’t get it.

Plasticish paintings of bark, small plaster models of weapons, cakes shaped like body parts — I prefer Messager’s take on these –, a grave marker for infinity, a tattered white flag with a dark red smear, huge pictures of plastic toy hybrids. It all looked so one-dimensional to me.

The single work that had any effect on me did so for all the wrong reasons. It’s called Liars and is square room mirror paneled on the outside. The inside holds a circle of 9 columns with partial masks of animals, with a mirror where the tenth would have been. The soundtrack being male voices vowing eternal love. Nothing remotely interesting here. What got to me was my dislike of mirrors, and anger at some of the words. I have said, heard and thought stuff like that, never more than one at the same time, so that reflection was true, false and irrelevant. I guess I had to bring any ambiguity with me, so that mirror was relevant and the whole thing a waste of time; it’s not like any of this was news to me.


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