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August 3rd, 2007: Usurpers / Evil Moisture & Aluk Todolo / Nackt Insecten / Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Hélicoptère Sanglante


Probably my last noise/experimental gig for a while, at least it was a good one overall.

The first band was Blue Sabbath Black Fiji feat. Hélicoptère Sanglante. BSBF were the ones I came to see: they’re talented, they’re very active in organizing stuff and they’re real nice people to boot. Did I mention they’re good? I love their music, a dense wave of distorted guitars where I hear more evolving patterns the more it goes on. I didn’t think HS brought much to the table, but I didn’t mind. I loved it that way; to me it’s commanding, evocative, positive and weirdly relaxing.

Nackt Insecten was next, a pretty good set in a more standard electro-acoustic way. My almost standard fare of effects spread on the ground yielding a fulfilling cloud of noise. I was a bit put off by the keyboardish parts, but it was OK overall.

Another pleasant surprise from Evil Moisture. This time he played with a kick-ass band called Aluk Todolo. They played fast and loud, and even though the drummer was not great, he was relentless, which is a very good thing to me. Evil Moisture’s sound was meshing perfectly with this metal sound, taking the whole to a different level. Really great set.

The final set was Usurper, the quietest set of the evening, mostly using different objects and whistles. Unfortunately, I was too pumped up after the previous one to be paying enough attention. So I just didn’t get it.

A couple of great sets in a evening is nothing to complain about though. Note to self: I need to make a better job of keeping up with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji in the future.


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