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August 5th, 2007: Just That / D’Amore / Ambitronix

@la Villette

Hot and sunny for an outdoors gig, a most welcome change. A pretty diverse show, with very different kinds of music. The common thread was Carol Robinson, who played a little with both Ambitronix and D’Amor, and was part of Just That.

Ambitronix features drums, keyboard and some processing. Long spells of improvised music, quite good, even though I’m not much into keyboards. I guess it’s jazz, but not free. It was a nice way to spend a while baking in the sun.

At first I was put off by D’Amore, way too classical for my tastes. But they went through a lot of different styles, from classical to Celtic. This is a duo with Garth Knox on viola and Agnès Vesterman on cello. I had a hard time getting into it, in part because of the pounding beats coming from another part of the park. But it was worth the effort in the end.

Just That was more my usual fare and those I came to see. Actually I came for Mike Ladd. I’ve been hearing some of his stuff lately, and his name kept coming up in the past few weeks. He has a great stage presence and his stuff is quite potent, so I was not disappointed. Besides Ladd on voice and electronics, the lineup featured Carol Robinson on clarinet, Ludovic Bruni on guitar and bass, and Dirk Rothbrust on drums. They never let themselves be caught up in any specific genre for more than a fleeting moment, which is something I like a lot. My overall impression was a lot of energy and freedom. They seemed to be having fun, and so was I.


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