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Avatar ghost and layout gripes

It’s getting slow gig-wise, so I might as well break my own rules and post about something completely different.

I changed my avatar a couple of weeks ago, but my previous one sometimes comes up instead. It happens on the wordpress main page, in my comments, and I sometimes see both during the same session. I haven’t seen any pattern to it. I absolutely love this. A touch of unpredictability, and there’s another layer to it: even though the ghost here is my old sacred chao avatar, the haunting fits real well with Mircea Cantor’s Ann Lee, while the randomness is somehow discordian. I suspect this came up because my new avatar is too small, because that seemed to confuse the upload page; I tried to upload it again, to no avail, but now I’m happy with this state of affairs.

I can’t say that about the layout, though. I selected it reluctantly, because the ones I liked better included a picture I would really have to change. My problem is that I don’t have any suitable replacement. I know I want a graffiti, but I’m set on one I can’t find anywhere. It was in Versailles, France, right next to the Chantiers station, but was defaced about ten years ago. I think I’ll give up if and when I meet a few more people with contacts in the French graffiti scene and come up empty. Maybe I’ll end up with a LADY PINK piece instead, but I’d feel awkward stealing one right now.


August 9, 2007 - Posted by | Blogging

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