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August 14th, 2007: Mariposa feat. Yosvany Quiros

@7 lézards

At least that’s what it says here, but the venue itself was not that forthcoming, they were still announcing Martha Galarraga. I don’t know any of these people anyway, so it would not have made any difference. I had three reasons for going to this gig. First, it’s been a while and I’m really getting bored. Second, that Chucho Valdes performance made me want to check out Cuban music. The third is that I’m reading a great book about graffiti called Burning New York, and this morning I was looking at the pieces with Bode lizards. That was the clincher.

At first I was not really into that gig. I liked the piano, but not the percussions or bass, and the singer was too sugary for me. But it quickly grew on me, despite the crowded room and bright lights. I still would not listen to that on my own, but by the end of the first set I was pretty much into it. I still have a problem with that sweetness and positivity, but I managed to enjoy it. A good thing I went alone, though I was disappointed at first. I even knew a couple of the songs, which surprised me.

The second set was almost twice as long — close to 90 minutes — and they were joined by a gifted violin player. By then I had gotten used to this style of music and was enjoying it a lot. I just wish I could have stood in the back, but the place was just too crowded. Even though I enjoy it, this music makes me self-consciously uncomfortable, ready to bolt at the first opportunity. I’m glad I didn’t, because the singer was worth it. And they had a very nice surprise in store towards the end of the show: some reggaetón. That was really great, and the first time I got to hear some live. So maybe these lizards really were up to something…


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