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August 23rd, 2007: Roy Lichtenstein

@pinacotheque de Paris

Disappointing in scale, but not in content. I expected a big exhibition, it turned out to be pretty small, but stepped clear of the iconic stuff to focus more on later works and preparatory sketches. A good thing for me, as I really knew only the part everybody knows about. It cleared why I like his work so much: I still think part of the draw is the vernacular part, but the obvious laying bare of the method, which becomes something altogether different in the process, is a bigger part of it.

House I stopped me in my tracks for a while. A deceptively simple one, but the way the perceived and actual convexity/concavity were reversed were jaw-dropping. Woman: Sunlight, Moonlight was great as well. I don’t know if that was the unreality of the piece with its big dots, the reflection in different colors, or just the way the title just fit, but I spent a while around this one.

My favorite was Landscape with scholar’s rock. I don’t know how long I remained in that room, just taking it all in. It felt much closer to Chinese painting that the technique should warrant. Yet different. I felt it to be a reversal of the familiar postmodernist take: opposite technique, but something was still there, and not just to make fun of it. Confused? I plead guilty as charged. And I’m real glad to be confused for a change — that change is in the “happy” part, not the confusion.

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