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September 8th, 2007: Steve Coleman & Five Elements feat. Kroger Quartet

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Wow. I’m awed. I thought Thursday’s gig was the best I had attended in a while, but tonight’s was the best in… maybe like ever. As in brought-me-close-to-tears good.

The string quartet only showed up after a while — I can’t say how long — and brought some nice depth, but it really could not get any better as far as I was concerned. I was completely drawn into the music from the start to the very end. Now I’m at a loss for words, right now, I’m just awestruck.

Anyway, here’s the lineup: Steve Coleman on alto saxophone, Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet, Thomas Morgan on bass, Tyshawn Sorey on drums, Pedro Martinez on percussions — no, not that Pedro, though that name sure sounded funny to my Boston-addicted ears — and Jen Shyu on vocals. She’s beyond amazing, she just blew my mind. I was asked whether her looks played a part in my being so enthralled. I can’t rule it out — how the hell can I know? — but I don’t think so. She sure is beautiful, but I think I would know if that was enough to drive me to such heights of emotion.


Now that I’ve slept on it, maybe I can try and get more articulate. I don’t really think so, though, as this music moved me on a different level, one not familiar with words. Something that struck me is that I could hear each of the individual musicians separately at the same time, and the whole as well, but separate from each one. I had this experience before, but almost only with dance, and never with music. I don’t know whether that was the best gig ever for me, but it sure was a unique experience. Should I hope it’s a breakthrough that means I’ll get this feeling again, or that this remains a high point? I just don’t know. I don’t think I’ll forget it. I do believe this will remain somewhere within me, in that inner place where I can go sometimes and just experience again the best instants dance brought me. I mean it’s up there with the first part of April Me, when I was luckily aligned with Cynthia Loemij’s arms and I felt a lasting splitting. I’m not making any sense, I know that acutely. But this territory is somewhere beyond my knowledge of words, up there with the prism I just can’t bring myself to name to anyone.

Well, that ranting goes to show how hopeless this task is. Words fail me. It just feels great.

I’m tagging this with Life because it was a life-changing event for me.


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