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September 13th, 2007: Peeping Tom – Le sous-sol

This was the opening of the dance season for me, even though it was actually a deferred show from earlier this year. An elderly dancer/actor had been injured, but she seemed to have fully recovered. It was supposed to be the third part in a trilogy, but I had missed the first one. The one I had seen had a lot of theater elements in it, but not tonight, where words were few and far between.

The theme was supposed to be death, but I missed it as usual. I just suck at getting messages. I guess that’s why the stage was covered in a thick layer of fine grained seeming soil. At first the dancers came and did related solo parts, where the moves where at once fluid and halting, with leaps that remained close to the ground and unnatural movements that were somehow making sense. Even though my impression of it doesn’t. I can only hope these words will spur my memory later on. Then came longer parts where, after touching, they would remained as if glued together, turning and carrying each other while staying in contact. Well that’s not technically true, but that’s what the effect was on me; I can make an effort not to be that dense at times.

I can’t say I was enthusiastic about this, but it was good anyway. I didn’t get bored, and there were a few images I should remember. I’m somewhat annoyed that I missed so much of it: I was there, but some things just don’t make sense to me. Maybe that’s why I tend to like abstract dance: there’s much less social content there, and I’m just bad at everything social.


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