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October 8th, 2007: Demons / Aaron Dilloway

@instants chavirés

Back to the usual place, for I thought would be an evening of noise. That was close, but it was not exactly noise, more like pure sound, used as raw material.

Aaron Dilloway started slowly, almost quietly. It was a gradual buildup in sheer volume and in texture through layering. I thought of circles, maybe because of the steady pulse. Nothing organic there, more like mechanical, even industrial, pile-driver-like at one point. Then a drone (voice?) crawled in. Finally the set erupted into harsh feedbacked noise, then a quieter descent. Nice.

Demons played in darkness with a couple of screens. I think one of the two videos — a play of colors and light — was done live, the other one obviously contained recorded sequences. The music was dronish, slow and determinate pulse with slowing morphing sound. The sound of their analog synths was amazingly rich. I thought the variations were much more about the texture of the sound, not the pitch and definitely no trace of rhythm. That was good but also the limit of this performance for me. I didn’t see much of a structure expect this long road through a landscape of sounds. I was missing something, but I couldn’t say exactly what, and maybe it would not have been an improvement anyway. A good set nonetheless.


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