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October 13th, 2007: Minitel / Port Radium / Minifer / Blue Sabbath Black Fiji

@la générale en manufacture

This was the first time I went to the new location of  this collective. I’d like to go back for an exhibition, but getting there is not convenient at all, and the neighborhood is just dreadful.

The only reason I went there was because Blue Sabbath Black Fiji were playing. I know I saw them like two months ago, but I just love what they do. They used more electronics in the second and third part of their set — even a keyboard, but put to the same purpose — but what I like best is the engulfing waves of their guitars. That’s as close as I get to meditation music, which probably tells more than I want to hear about my state of mind. I think I’d be willing to go back for more if they play in the area in the coming months.

Minifer played a trio of keyboards with laptop thrown in. I’m still not into keyboards at all, and I failed to overcome my reluctance. It had its moments, especially some static-like sound that broke the prettiness I was having a hard time dealing with after the first set. But I must admit it’s just not for me.

Port Radium had a promising setup, with three cymbals upside-down on a table next to a laptop. It held most of that promise, despite some annoyingly mundane beats at times. But there were also some very interesting rhythmic breaks and contrasts. I’m not completely sold on it, but there were some pretty good ideas in there.

I must confess I had entertained the idea of leaving before Minitel’s set. I had seen them twice and thought they were not really a band but a collection of people doing their things in isolation. I stayed and was proved completely wrong. It was a good set. In a sense, I think that their playing without an extra drummer helped. It just made it more primal, and that’s a lot of what’s interesting about them. And they seemed to have found enough common ground by now to interact more. Maybe too predicable at the beginning, their set got going and kept getting better. A pleasant surprise.


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