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October 16th, 2007: Battles / Parts & Labor


This might have been overkill. I already saw Battles a few months ago, but I just love their record and had nothing planned until like Friday. It’s not the week for thinking, I need to keep myself busy.

The opening band was Parts & Labor, from Brooklyn if I got that right. Drums, bass and guitar/synth. The drummer was the only who didn’t sing, but he sure kept busy. The voices struck me as too nice in a sense, too polished for their sound. That got my attention, but I’m not sure I like it. The music is OK though, some nice sounds in there.

Battles again started their set with Race: out, but why change something that just works so well. I think it was more about the guitars this time, especially during the first half or so. And they just sounded better to me. The sound was harsher than on the record, and I was under the impression that they played faster as well. That drummer is absolutely amazing; it’s not like his part is easy, and he kept at it for slightly over 60 minutes. Atlas is one of my favorite songs of the year, and it was a treat to hear that voice processing live. Plus they’re real good at getting a song going, adding all these layers. My only gripe is that they sometimes kept at a single phrase too long, and that happened more often as the set unfolded. But that’s part of the bargain in going to gigs: I know the bad comes with the good. And the bad wasn’t that bad anyway, whereas the good made my day.

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