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October 21st 2007: Seth Evol Tracks / Bilgepump / Poltergroom / Abdullah Sheraton

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A late change in venue, as this gig took place in a bar. I can consider myself lucky for my temperamental computer to have allowed me to learn about it. And also for the transportation strike to have let up enough for me to get there — I’m still fuming about having missed White Mice.

The first band was Abdullah Sheraton — can’t say I dig the name — which turned out to OK punkish fare. Not exactly mind-blowing, but nicely done. I might want to check them out again in a little while, they sounded like they could expand their stomping grounds in the near future. Plus they ended with a nice sped up cover of The Cure of all people. Unexpected, which is worth some points in my book.

Then it was time for Poltergroom, the definite highlight of the evening for me. I was a hell of a lot of fun. Fast as well but way more original, with lively guitar playing and interesting drummer. They looked like they were having fun as well, and sounded like people used to each other, even though I heard it was a relatively new band. They will be playing with White Mice on Halloween, and that’s a gig I’d really like to attend. Unfortunately, it’s not within my limited range. They also looked like nice people and fun to hang out with, which isn’t hurting.

After that, I hard a bit of a hard time getting into Bilgepump. My bad, as I eventually figured out they’re pretty good. More in a no-nonsense vein, which explains my confusion. But definitely up to the task and with a good, powerful yet well defined sound, especially for that cramped room. Of course their set had to end soon after I finally found my way in, but I only have myself to blame for that.

The final act was initially supposed to be a solo one, but Seth Evol Tracks had brought a friend along on saxophone. I wasn’t that sold on the music, not precise nor wild enough at this time and place for me. But it was definitely worth seeing, as he plays a whole lot of stuff at the same time. I think he would have been better suited to playing first or second, as it would have made sense to segue from this to Poltergroom.

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