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November 6th, 2007: !!! / Holy Fuck


This one was a close call: I have wanted to see Delphine Dora for a while now, and I saw !!! not that long ago. But it was probably the last time I had a chance to see them in a smallish venue, and I really like this one.

Holy Fuck hails from Canada, and I really liked their set. A couple of guys with a assortment of synth, keyboards and electronics, a drummer and a bass player. They usually unplugged/plugged some equipment between songs, and managed to pull that off without much of a break. It was basically non-stop. Fitting quite well with the main event, in a more electronic sounding flavor, of course, but the rhythm section brought some serious organic groove.

!!! came on stage with a female singer and I only counted eight of them, so I guess the other singer left the band. It did work pretty well in that configuration too; the gig was maybe a bit on the short side, but they sure were worth seeing again. Bend over Beethoven was my favorite moment, pretty different from the record version, with a very long instrumental section that managed to be both dance and trance inducing — and actually got me dancing, which is no mean feat. It came right on the heel of Me and Guliani…, which was a pretty good version, with more of an edge to it somehow than in my memories. Of course the encore was Pardon my freedom, which makes a lot of sense here in France.

They said they were close to the end of their tour, so maybe that’s why I thought the singer had less of a voice than usual. He seemed a bit less manic as well, but that could come from being on a smaller stage than last time — though definitely bigger than the first time I saw them. But it didn’t really matter, I really enjoyed it and will definitely go again if I have the opportunity. One of my favorite live band these days.


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