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November 9th, 2007: Nathalie Pernette – Le Repas

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At last, some dance after all these gigs. I kinda missed it, but I do know it’s cyclic. Soon enoug I’ll be bitching about not enough gigs. On the other hand… well, more about that later.

The show was bookended by parts were the dances were walking in slow motion, with occasional bursts of speed by shifting couples of them. Really nice. The props were tables, stools, chairs and blocks. In the back, a harpsichord player. I usually have a hard time with this instrument, unless the music is by Xenakis, but she was really talented, so this was OK. Most of the time, her playing alternated with voices saying aloud what people at any social gathering are supposed to be thinking: expressing boredom and idle thoughts about others. Judging from the laughs they got out of the audience, I guess that part worked just fine.

Then they arranged tables in a rough square, sitting inside facing out and that was when I just drifted off. I think I’m just too much of an outsider to relate to this; I’m still stuck at the childish boredom stage because I never graduated to adult status in these gatherings. So I simmered for a while until they got to the later part of such events, complete with drunken dirty/stupid songs. Some slow-motion fighting to Noir Désir’s Tostaki brought me back in, at least I could relate to both women on stage, the one acting drunk and the one fleetingly sitting looking bored.

My gripe with this show was that there was too much acting and not enough pure dance. I just miss the physical connection. It sure didn’t help that I felt cast out from the social rituals they depicted. I just don’t belong there. But it sure had its moments, and the lighting was just great. One Caroline Nguyen was responsible for it, and I just had to name her because I really loved her play on dimmed lights, colors and increased intensity at times.

I still think I should have gone to that Vietnamese music gig instead. If I have to face what I’m excluded from, I’d rather take that rare chance to connect to pieces of my actual past that I actually miss.


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