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November 16th, 2007: Benoit Delbecq & Han Bennink


At last I got to see Han Bennink. That strike had me exhausted, but I was not to be denied this time.

At first what struck me was his sheer velocity, but I know better than trusting my first impression. Same thing goes for his headband wearing, I was really set on going beyond that. I was not disappointed, he’s very much a showman; but that’s nothing. The real deal is that he is an astounding drummer. Delbecq is no dummy either, he got some great sounds out of his piano, more so that most people I have seen so far. It sounded weird at first how the drums were more interesting even on a melodic level, but he kinda raised his playing to the point were even I got to appreciate what he was doing, even though I was biased.

But I was there to hear Bennink at last and I’m glad I was there. His play comes close to redefining what drumming is all about for me. What a range of possibilities. And he’s going at it, not around like too many do. His sound is crisp and straightforward, but he just knows what can be done with it, and he’s nice enough to share that knowledge with the lucky audience. I was in awe at his ability to change the mood so easily, from compelling attention to supporting his partner in a heartbeat, but always smoothly rewarding my focusing on his play. How selfish of me, the price being that I’m aware that I probably missed on what else was there, but for a first shot at hearing him play, it was well worth going the extra mile, literally in that particular case, with that strike making me walk miles home after that show.


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