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November 18th, 2007: Garry Stewart – Devolution

@theatre de la ville

An afternoon show; turned out to be a good idea as it allowed me to avoid the rain that is now pouring down. Walking 10 miles in the rain and cold would have been a major pain. Without the rain, it was worth it.

I know I should mention the many robotic elements in this show, but I just ignored most of these. The prosthetic limbs/tentacles toward the end were more compelling, but that was not my favorite part. They were fast and real talented, but what really got me was the uncanny precision. And I felt it was put to the best use in the slower parts. That’s kinda misleading, as when some dancers were going more slowly, others were going at full speed. But that’s how I chose to perceive it.

My not caring about the metal thingies probably means I missed the point. But I did find something to my liking, so it’s OK by me. I couldn’t help but think about how ninetiesish it all felt. The leather reminded me of an old one by Preljocaj. The all out virtuosity made me think about Lock — Louise Lecavallier era. That feeling was reinforced by their spending a lot of time close to the ground, at least more than what is usual now. Definitely echoing that long gone era when I first went to see dance shows. So I probably got a bit too much into such thoughts. Signs of old age, I guess. But that only got in the way of my getting whatever message was supposed to be out there. I did see it, and I liked enough of it to be happy to have been there. Anyway, it’s probably better that way. Messages too often come wrong to me, I’m too far gone to relate. So focusing on the dance itself sounds like a plan.


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