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November 22nd, 2007: Edouard Lock – Amjad

@theatre de la ville

The few words I had read about this were about a mix of Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. I feared the worst, especially seeing it lasts close to two hours. Maybe that dread was a good thing, as it was not bad at all. Not great either, but I didn’t get bored.

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the music, arguably more than the dance itself. It turned out not to be a surprise as I learned that David Lang was responsible for most of it, and his take on such tired old saws — to my ears, that is — was really good, bringing some much welcome edge to it. The piano was most impressive, but the cello and violas had their moments of brilliance as well. This raises my opinion of this composer yet another notch.

The dance felt tame compared to this. I’m not that fond of classical dance, and it was a bit too close to that at times. But the differences were clear, and made some interesting comments. Of course, the parts I liked best were when at least four dancers were involved, closer to the ground and with echoing arm moves. I don’t know why I just can’t share his taste for the vertical. Maybe there’s some kind of midget grudge at work here. But I did like it much more than the previous few of his that I saw. Maybe I would have liked it more had I not been so exhausted, I had trouble focusing at times. That’s pretty much immaterial by now. On the whole, I’d still like to see the next one, and definitely will if he keeps such talented company.


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