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December 2nd, 2007: Volcano the Bear / Radikal Satan

@ instants chavirés

Having seen Volcano so recently, I was at first leaning toward skipping this gig. But I have heard a lot about Radikal Satan and really wanted to check them out. Turned out to be a good move despite the pouring rain. Their sound is just great. The combination of double bass and accordion was real good, and the switches to guitar and keyboards didn’t spoil that effect. They’re part of my beloved Potagers Natures crowd and easily live up to the hype. On the face of it, I expected the double bass to make up for my guarded hostility toward that accordion thing, but I again proved myself to be a bigoted fool. I guess the instrument matters less than what one does with it. Their hailing from Argentina should have clued me as to the un-Amelieness, but I’m wary beyond repair.

And staying true to the theme of my foolishness, that Volcano performance turned out to be the best I’ve seen by far — that’s a low threshold, I’ll willingly grant that. But still, it was great. Less goofing around, as far as I can tell — which is not much, being too short to know better — and more focus on the music itself. Which kept its delicious ambiguity between fooling around and rehearsed control. I’m pretty sure both were at play, but I’m at a loss to tell both apart. Which is just great and as it should be. They kept at an intense level for most of the show and that was so good. I mean I came for the opening band and they just blew my mind. Unexpected greatness is nothing to sneeze at in my book. To think I entertained the idea of leaving before their set… I’m a fool’s fool, that’s all I have to say.


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