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December 4th: Uz Jsme Doma / Stanley Kubi / Ronin

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My primary reason — besides my customary restlessness — for showing up was to check out Ronin, and that was out of my liking OVO. The only way both bands are related is that they share a member. Musically there’s really no relation. Instrumental songs with a couple of guitars, bass and drums. A definitely South-Western feel to it, but with almost tacky emphasis on that atmosphere thing and none of the fun of early Calexico. This is harsher than what I mean; it was OK but not great, and frustrating in that it came close to rising up to another level, but never quite did. Maybe too much of a power setup, which was compounded by their being the only band without horns in the evening. I still feel that they’d be better served by going all the way and throw in a trumpet or two.

I can’t say much about Stanley Kubi. I had seen them before with the same end result. Even though I like their singer as someone who’s making things happen, and their brand of hardcorish mayhem is well done and suitably energetic without the annoying pose of many bands, I just fail to get it. Good news is I’m about the only one, they’re crowd-pleasers and probably brought in a lot of the sizeable audience.

Uz Jsme Doma was a complete unknown to me, and make me grateful for the text-basedness of blogging as I have no idea how to pronounce their name. Faster than I thought — though I really had no reason for that expectation — and a really nice variation on a trusted formula: guitar/keyboards, bass, drums, but with a trumpet. Being very much into horns lately, that made my day. They said they’d show up again next spring, I hope I can remember to check that out when the time comes. They had something deceitfully simple about them that won me over, and kept me on board by proving more interesting than that. Maybe I’ll even learn how to say their name next time.


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