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December 5th: Austin Townsend

@ bon accueil

I do like this venue as a bar, a nice and friendly place. As a venue, not so much, because it really gets cramped fast in there. But it’s a different setting, and it can be suitable for some gigs. I mean I’m small enough to be used to not seeing anyway. The real problem is gaining access to the bar for a refuel at times; that should rate as a good sign, but the place is so small that it doesn’t take a crowd to feel crowded.

Austin Townsend has a deep voice and plays just the kind of quieter music I wanted to hear at that time. So it was a good fit. I even went out of character and got closer, both to escape the background noise of conversations — remember, it’s a small bar — and to get to a darker place; there was just too much light in the back, it got in the way of focusing on the music for me. The guy also shows great taste in the company he keeps; besides having his gig set up by Kliton, he has a record out on the Potagers Natures label and plays with both guys from Radikal Satan. The latter meant that double bass, banjo and accordion were featured at times, with the three of them on guitars at others. Worked well, nice gig overall, and just in sync with my mood; I’m glad I went.


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