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December 12th, 2007: Hervé Robbe – Là, on y danse

@théatre de la ville

That one was a keeper. Great. No buts and all, I just had a very good time. I was seated closer than I like, in the second row, but that wasn’t so bad because there were not that many dancers on stage. The music was neat as well, half was by Stravinski — I’m partial to that composer — half was a new work commissioned for that purpose, pretty good too. Few props on stage, some angular shapes in the back, a few red neon squares at the end, an orangish brick-like block moving around on the ground, but none ever stole the show. I really was all about dance itself; a few words later on, but that stayed in the background and didn’t stop the action. No distractions, no acting, just some abstract dance, but not in a geometrical way either. Pure movement, beautifully executed, mostly upright without leaping or rolling. Neither fast not slow, no virtuosity on display, but with a steady rhythm to it. Perfect balance, or as close as it gets outside of Rosas.

It might not seem to be much, but I really appreciated this going back to the basics. I’m all for trying stuff and mixing in elements from other arts, but when everyone seems to be doing it, I’m somehow left outside after a while. Too much going on maybe, and also I feel there’s nothing wrong with dance itself, it can be its own language quite nicely, and does not need to be propped up. It really felt good to see someone trusting this, and probably also himself. In that sense I also felt it was better to have the music just recorded, without musicians on stage. I usually love that, but here it would have been a distraction. Maybe that’s just the mood I was in, some blind luck bringing me at the right place at the right time. Not that I’m complaining. I mean I love this so much that I’d probably go again if my schedule allowed it — I’m surprised it’s not sold out yet, but maybe it will be.


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