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December 14th, 2007: Colleen / Tetuzi Akiyama / Hervé Boghossian

@instants chavirés

Acoustic time, with a nice setup in that the performers were sitting in the room and people were in a semi-circle around them, including on the stage itself.

Hervé Boghossian started with a solo set on acoustic guitar. He sure is a gifted musician, but his playing a tad too verbose for my taste. So I drifted off as I usually do during those kind of performances. I have a hard time staying focused when so many notes are thrown around; my bad.

Then another acoustic guitar solo, but this time by Tetuzi Akiyama. Interesting to see him again in such a different atmosphere. The last time was for a “don’t forget to boogie” set, i.e. a repetitive, loud and lively set on electric guitar. That was more to my liking than the opening set. I wouldn’t call it introspective, but there was less of a barrage of notes, so I had time to settle in and find a thread to follow around.

After a break, Colleen took the stage, playing viola da gamba, a kind of seven-stringed, narrower cello. The sound felt, unsurprisingly, as between viola and cello; I think I like it better than either. I had seen her play that same instrument last year, and even though I like that sound a lot, I wish I got to see her play something else. But that’s irrelevant. I liked that set, which isn’t a surprise with with tendency to hold onto what I like, in that case, a favorite instrument, played well enough, in my opinion better than last year, though it might be related to the smaller venue and the fact that she didn’t use anything else this time.

Then Hervé Boghossian joined her and played his guitar with a bow, which just reinforced the sound quality for me. I was relieved to find something I liked in his play — I can be hopelessly cheesy that way. I was thinking it could have gone on further, but maybe I’d have gotten bored then, so I’ll say it was right.

The final set featured Boghossian and Akiyama, both on acoustic guitar. I had been expecting that, but it was a letdown for me. Less display of technique on Boghossian’s part, but nonetheless I thought not much was happening. Then again, it may very well be just me being dense. Most of the time they sounded like a single guitar; the half-full take would be to be elated at the fusion, but I stuck with the half-empty take of “what’s the point then?”.

I can’t help but wonder what Tetuzi Akiyama and Colleen playing together would have sounded like. Different enough to make for an interesting mix. On the other hand, it could very well have been a dismal failure. Just the kind of chance-taking I love. I was kinda disappointed in the whole affair, but I do take full responsibility for that. Unrealistic expectations? More like expectations getting in the way. More frustration, feeling that what was kinda good could have been much better on another day. No way to know for sure, anyway.


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