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December 15th, 2007: Axololt / Weyes Bluhd / Curia / Heatsick

@instants chavirés

Interesting gig with six sets, and more diverse than I expected — yet safely within my usual experimental-noise-weird stomping grounds. Sparse audience though, which sucks.

Heatsick was first, a solo project of a member of Birds of Delay. I saw them open for Sunburned late last year, but I can’t really remember what it was like — that’s why I write this down now. I wasn’t sold at first, some electronics, loops and all behind a curtain. But took to using the drumkit next to him at one point, and then won me over. That gave a very nice counterpoint to the electronics, and that mix was real good.

Curia looked promising, with a bowed electric guitar catching my attention, but unfortunately I was repelled by the heavy use of a wah-wah pedal by the other guitarist; I just despise that sound. Then two of them did another set, this time just keyboard and drums, and I liked it better, unsurprisingly. But I guess the whole was just too seventyish for me.

The best was still to come, first with Weyes Bluhd, solo project of a member of Jackie-O Motherfucker. Various effects with a really great use of her own processed voiced, increasingly distorted in a stormy wailing way. I really loved that. Then Axolotl for more mayhem, starting with a viola — a sure way to get me intently listening — and building a nice structure of interweaved loops. Then they both did a set together, which managed to put most of the best of their separate sets into a whole that just made my day — even sans viola. More loops of distorted voices, a many branching path through a dense forest of sound. I took great pleasure in getting lost in that landscape.


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