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December 18th, 2007: Stars of the lid / Peter Wright

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Late post time. I went for close to a week without internet access or even a phone line. Poor time for that, but I’m lucky enough to have had that fixed right in time. One more day and that would have been blackout until next year. Not that I’ll have anything to write in that frame anyway.

That show started even later than usual, they blamed some traffic jams on their way from Germany. Peter Wright had some black and white images in the background, most of the time in slow motion and heavy on contrast. The music was a long slow arc from faint clean sounds to louder, dirtier mess. Of course I liked the latter better. No surprise, but good enough. I think the cold and wait actually made me more receptive.

That didn’t seem to carry over to the main act though. I was not all that familiar with Stars of the lid, but I had heard a lot of praise and some good enough songs here and there. I guess it would be easy to blame the delay and lack of a sound check, but I’d rather bite the bullet and say I was disappointed. I blame the three-piece string hangers-on for that. No, what I really blame is the unimaginative way the strings were used. Whenever the droning guitars were dominant and the strings just played some secondary role, it was actually pretty good. But at times the strings were out in front and the guitars subdued, and I was getting bored in a hurry. Kronos they’re not, but I don’t think anyone could have done much with that kind of lame material anyway. Didn’t exactly make me want to check out their latest release.


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