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December 19th, 2007: Michèle Noiret – Les Arpenteurs

@théatre de la ville

Here I wish I had proved smart enough to write it all down that day. I have enough trouble writing about dance without letting a full week go by. I had high hopes for this one, because there was a percussion ensemble on stage, and I’m a certified sucker for such things. At first it did hold up to these expectations, but overall the music wasn’t that great, so I just let it drop out of my mind. That was the first time I saw anything by this particular choreographer, and I think I might need more exposure. I really felt there were bits I should have understood but didn’t.

Overall I was disturbed by how realistic it was. I mean there were echoes of everyday situations, and I’m much more into abstract stuff, especially these days. And I was really put off by the aggressiveness of it all. Well, not all, but a lot, most prominent in the beginning, but going as a perceptible undercurrent throughout and emerging again at the end. It was not a single thing, more like the way I received it. Which means I may very well be the one responsible.

There were a lot of outstretched arms throughout, which I didn’t mind at all, providing some pure movement thread I could hang onto. So much so that some waving arm moves were a surprise and a treat, even though there really wasn’t much to it. That makes me thing some more familiarity with her work would have really helped me getting into this. I hope I have the opportunity to get that knowledge, because despite my misgivings I enjoyed this show and feel thwarted at being left outside so much of it.


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