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January 16th, 2008: The Ex & guests / ZEA

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First gig of the year. Actually it was day one of a three-day series of concerts curated by The Ex. I originally planned to go only on Friday, but I was getting restless with my not having been to a single gig in close to one month. So now I might just go to all three. It was that good.

The first set featured Terrie Ex, Andy Moor and Christine Sehnaoui. The guitars were often close to the dueling moments of many The Ex concerts, but the saxophone added a nice twist. In return, the more melodic bend of the guitars — as well as the louder sound — made her play in a more assertive way than the last time I saw her. A good thing for me because it was different, and because I’m getting weary of the barely audible whispers of that Lebanese improv scene.

Then it was ZEA, a duo from the Netherlands. Guitar/voice and keyboard/electronics, kind of a bouncing pop with an edge. I was not expecting much from a couple of videos I had seen while checking out the lineups, but I was pleasantly surprised. Energetic and far more interesting than expected. Maybe that break just proved good for me, making me more open.

The third set started with Afework Negussie alone on voice and Masenqo, a single string bowed instrument with a square resonator. I’m really coming to dig Ethiopian music these days, so I enjoyed this a lot. Even more so when he was joined by Clayton Thomas on double bass and especially Katherina Ex. I just love her play, so the combination was just gravy to me.

And finally The Ex took the stage, featuring Colin McLean — former member of Dog Faced Hermans — who just got me on his side from the start by wearing a Public Enemy T-shirt. As usual, they were great. The smaller venue probably played a part in my feeling that set was the most intense of the few times I’ve seen them so far. Short, but very good indeed. So how could I just go home and miss the other two now?


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