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January 17th, 2008: The Ex & guests

@instants chavirés

Second day. Why go again? Different sets, different people, and new combinations of people that were here the day before. About five sets this time, even though it’s not really that clear cut.

First came Andy Moor, Anne-James Chaton and Colin McLean. At least I was told the latter was there, I didn’t see him; I guess he was seated in a corner, I’m too small to see that. I was fearing the worst, having been bored before by Chaton’s reading of ATM tickets or such. But it turned out OK, even real good at times, thanks in part to Andy Moor, but even the layering of snippets of speech did work on its own.

Then Terrie Ex did a short solo set, a pedal to the metal affair that changed the mood of the evening to a punkier, messier one for a while.

Then a composite “set”, or maybe three of them, go figure. First it was just Katherina Ex and Christine Sehnaoui. Good mix once it got started, really different style meshing and converging while keeping clearly separate. Then Afework Negussie did a few songs on his own, before being joined by Katherina Ex and Christine Sehnaoui. Problem was that I couldn’t hear much of what the latter was doing, it was just drowned out, and that got worse when Clayton Thomas and Andy Moor joined them for the last song of the set. It was dynamic and pretty good, but I think I liked yesterday’s set better.

Two guys from Api Uiz — no drums — did a very short set, more like one song, then left the stage to Clayton Thomas on double bass, Wolter Wierbos on trombone, and G.W. Sok on vocals. Wierbos was impressively good; that set was closer to the regular improvisation sets I’m used to, and proved very interesting.

I would say the final set — The Ex without any guest tonight — was even more on the punk side than the first night. Maybe that was just me being closer to the stage for a while; but I doubt it. So that tops the previous day as the most energetic performance I ever saw them deliver. I can’t wait for the final evening.


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