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January 30th, 2008: Lisi Estaràs – Patchagonia


Short and pretty good. I didn’t like all of it, but there were some great moments. Kind of a general impression of isolation, doomed expectations, but not despair either. The stage was covered with a layer of what looked and smelled like clay; the only props a dead tree and a wooden horse. Desolate landscape. Four dancers and three musicians on stage.

Each dancer was an individual with a distinct style and character. A bit to close to their usual ones, maybe. I did notice that before with people from Ballets C. de la B. It looks like it take them a few years to put enough distance with Platel’s own work. It’s only a problem for me because I’m not a fan of his work, and because it just becomes too predictable for my taste.

But still there were parts I just loved. I was really impressed by one of the dancers’ smooth athleticism, seamlessly from crawls to headstands, making it all look easy and natural. The faux clumsiness of the tall guy playing his usual part of failed leader, a familiar routine put to good use. The animalish drift in the female dancer’s moves. I wasn’t fond of the other guy’s part though, a bit too obvious for me, making fun of others before finally breaking down.

I’m glad it was that short, it kept it all focused and fresh. I plan to keep an eye out for more of her work, there was enough in there to give me hope that she can only get better, maybe replacing some Platelisms with something more personal. It happened for others, so why not her as well?


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