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February 8th, 2008: HRSTA / PartWildHorsesManeOnBothSides

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I’ve been less than active these days, time to fix that and try to get on a roll events-wise. Hopefully, this gig was a nice way to start.

It took me a while to get into the opening band, PartWildHorsesManeOnBothSide, probably because I’m not fond of flutes, but I quickly came to love it. There were many changes of pace, and the drums and flute went from close to almost independent at times, and I loved that. The drumming went from breakneck to primal, the flute mixed spaced-out hippieish with jolting bursts. In the end, they completely overcame my initial misgivings, and I even liked them better than the main act. That was a great find, interesting music in a long non-stop set, reinforcing my interest for the Manchester scene around Stuckometer.

HRSTA sounded tame after that opening salvo. Their set was long and evolved from real quiet at first to faster tunes at the end. They are good, even though I don’t like the singer’s voice. It’s not groundbreaking, they unsurprisingly have that constellation sound, but that was fortunate in a sense as it somehow brought balance to the evening. As an added treat they even did a nice Radiohead cover, nice in that they really made it their own, which is the way to go for me. I love covers when they’re that successful.


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