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February 26th, 2008: Nisennenmondai / Lubriphikatttor

@instants chavirés

A close call: they had had no news from Nisennenmondai when the show started, and they only made it there near the end of the opening set. It would have been worth it anyway, as Lubriphikattor were really good. Better than I expected, actually. Loud and dense, with a lot of different layers of sound, with rhythmic loops and guitar wails sometimes rising out of the wall of noise. I mean that in a good way. Even though they probably kept it going longer than planned waiting for the main act, it had legs. There was actually some structure in there somehow, at least I got that impression once I got through the initial pummeling. The best was that it was evolving throughout the set, exploring different paths.

After that one, anything more was gravy. So it turned out to be a great gig for me because I just loved Nisennenmondai. Long tunes, the first two starting with guitar loops being layered on top of each other before being joined by relentless drumming and a rock solid bass foundation. Amazing guitar sounds, by the way, in the first one it sounded like a violin and later like a keyboard. Good balance too, which was all the more laudable for their late arrival and lack of soundcheck. The second half still featured some layering, but nothing as blatant, and there was more balance in the band as it was less about the guitar. In turn, that allowed the latter to get into different kinds of sound, nothing to sneeze at given the wide range displayed earlier. Fast and upbeat, a complete contrast with the opening band, which is even better as both were great.


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