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March 6th, 2008: Scul Hazzards / Membrane / Warsaw Was Raw

@instants chavirés

Warsaw Was Raw ended up being the set I like most. The guitar and bass were a bit too elaborate for punk/hardcore, they went closer to metal for me. But the two female vocalists were accurately billed as screamers, because that’s what they do. These were more in the punk vein, so that balanced the music nicely. The set was short and to the point, and I really enjoyed it.

Membrane was close to the opposite for me: I thought their set was too long, rehashing the same stale stuff, and got me so bored I thought I would fall asleep. Run of the mill metal to my ears, been there heard that a thousand times, utterly predictable. They know how to play, but they didn’t do much with that.

Scul Hazzards were last and as such headlined the event. More of a noise/punk combo, with a powerful bass sound, a sometimes interesting drummer and some sound depth overall. Maybe not as interesting to me as the first band, but it was pretty good anyway.


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