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March 7th, 2008: Kumisolo / Don Nino / Tujiko Noriko / Chris Club

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That was the second day of the Dokidoki festival I regret not having kissed you. I would have liked to attend the whole thing, especially the third, but my bilocation ability just isn’t up to the task. Anyway this one was the one I really wanted to see, and I was right about that.

I sure didn’t look that way after the first set, though. I found Chris Club to be mildly entertaining for a few minutes, some half-baked psychedelic attempt, but the inane lyrics and general dearth of anything like an idea or risk-taking made that long set boring.

Things took a turn for the better after that. Tujiko Noriko played about half her set on her own, a dreamy voice on a soothing electronic bed pierced by cycling noise bursts. I loved the balance between smooth and ragged, it was compelling in several ways at the same time. Then she was joined by Lionel Fernandez, who added some pounding beats and harsh noise to the mix. Speaking of mix, he often played with that to either boost or mute his sounds, but I felt he too often drowned the voice out. I’m not a fan of what he does anyway, so I’m probably not being fair, but besides that even I have to admit the pairing just worked. I just liked the first part better, that’s all.

The third set seemed a bit too short to me, but maybe it was just right. Don Nino played a bunch of interesting covers, and I always like that when it’s done right, which to me means making the song their own. That set provided a nice object lesson on how it should be done. Weirdly enough, the one I didn’t like much was Expressway to yr skull, but I really think that had a lot to do with the great rendition Sonic Youth delivered last September with a bunch of guests. Speaking of guests, that song and the last few ones featured Erik Minkkinen playing guitar in the background — I love what he does, and I guess my take on Sister Iodine members probably tells a lot about my taste in music. He was mixed way too low at first, so I couldn’t hear much of what he was doing, but it got better. The final deconstruction of Like a virgin was really great.

Finally I got to hear Kumisolo again, and that was why I showed up in the first place. I guess I got exactly what I came for, as her set was almost exactly the same as in that dreadful bar a few weeks ago. Of course the sound was much better, but that was a bit too comfortable. Too bad she again ended her set with a cover I just loathe. But I really loved that set. Her voice and sound match perfectly and strike a chord with me; that may be surprising when I spend a lot of time at experimental noise gigs, but I acquired that sweet tooth for Japanese electro-pop a very long time ago and sometimes it just bubbles back to the surface, and I won’t even contemplate apologizing for this.


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  1. Kumisolo is a really good artist.

    I love her universe, She has a huge talent.

    For the information you can coproduce her musical project on kisskissbankbank website.

    If you want more informations check this video.

    Enjoy !!!

    Comment by Thomas | November 16, 2009 | Reply

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