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March 14th, 2008: Robin Fox / Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine

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Music and images this time. So maybe I should tag this as art as well, but I won’t because that’s exactly why I hated the first part. I usually either love or loathe what Noetinger does, unfortunately Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine seems to fall in the second category. I completely missed the point of the music, and only got a strong impression of showboating. As for the images, they just screamed their artistic work status way too shrilly for me, and I almost left when they went through the melting film routine. I kinda hope this was actually a caricature and the joke’s on me for believing this pompous arty answer to Spinal Tap was for real.

I felt no such pretense with Robin Fox, who played some abstract noise/electro music in synch with a green laser beam display. That was pretty close to the Backscatter oscilloscope videos, but better. I thought the music was more interesting, and the third dimension added to the visual interest. I didn’t see the images as separate from the music at all, except maybe at first when I played with my mind’s tendency to pretend to see the beams as falling rain; it was easy enough to reverse that movement and break that spell. Then I could just forget about the sound/sight divide and take it all in. I don’t think either dimension would have been very interesting on its own, but the interplay was compelling and unusual, and probably enhanced by the irregular surface the beams were projected on; a flat wall would have made it too close to the earlier videos and would probably have made me miss the beams themselves. That was obviously part of the show as he regularly released some smoke to make them stand out. I was crouching underneath and could take it all in, or at least enough to make my day.


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