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March 15th, 2008: Rhys Chatham, David Linton, Jean-François Pauvros & guests

@studio campus

Edit: someone with a clue was in attendance and both wrote interesting things about this performance and shot both pictures and a video of it. So stop wasting your time here and go there instead.

I had been waiting for a long time for this, an opportunity to experience G3, as opposed to just listening to a mere recording. That was enough to make be stray out of character and even get my name down on a list, which I avoid at all costs.

The first set was a video by David Linton and Angie Eng, with live music by David Watson. Funny how I thought that the first time I enjoyed listening to bagpipes was while seeing Cremaster 3, without knowing the very same guy was responsible for it. I loved that video, the crystal-like geometry of it was cold and soothing yet there was something else in there, hiding within the shifting lines and regular patterns. They have a show going on in Montreuil right now, but it will close at the end of next week, I hope I’ll be able to check that one out, but it looks unlikely.

Then came Guitar Trio at last. Not really a trio anymore, with about 6 people on guitar, one on bass and one on drums. Nina Canal, David Linton, Rhys Chatham and Jean-François Pauvros on guitar, that was amazing enough to me, and I probably should have been even more impressed had I had a clue and known about the other performers. They actually went at it twice, and it was indeed way better that the recording I’m familiar with. I suspect I was wrong to drift in front of the stage, but I might get a second chance in a few weeks, where I’ll try to wander about and look for different things. Even with my being lazy just sitting there, that was a blast, and a lot of fun.

The final set was very good as well, with David Linton switching to drums, David Watson back on bagpipes and Rhys Chatham most of the time on trumpet. Completely different, maybe closer to what I expect from Pauvros, and a very nice way to end this gig. Impressive communication and balance between these talented musicians, and they did seem to be having fun.


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