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March 17th, 2008: Angie Eng & David Linton – Longue durée

@maison populaire, Montreuil

That video I saw on Saturday had me looking for more information about the guilty parties, and I found out that they had another work on display in Montreuil until Friday. So I left work early and went to check it out. That proved a good move, I just loved that one and just sat there taking it all in for maybe 40′ or so.

It looked pretty simple: a couple of clear balls on a slowly rotating plate, one slightly bigger than the other at maybe a couple of inches wide. I guess the surface was not regular, as one ball would sometimes slide and oscillate. There seemed to be a few colored lights in the base of the rotating plate. A video camera was placed a few inches from the balls and the image was projected on the walls on three separate panes. One just displayed the moving balls, the other two featured a superimposed shooting of a round fountain with people walking around it, but in negative in yellow/green.

After a while I could make out what looked like clouds framed in a window as well, inside the balls, even on the pane where I had only seen the balls at first. I spent most on my time there sitting behind the camera, which put five images in my field of vision, with the camera’s control screen the final set. I think the panes with the fountain had a slight time lapse, but I could only tell when one ball accelerated; even then I could not really be sure I saw it right, as I was pretty much into it by then. I kept seeing more details, some probably imagined, but I think I could make out a faint loop in that the balls reflected the projected images back into the camera. Or maybe I just got that impression by having spent too much time in there.

The whole thing was mesmerizing and eerily soothing, even displayed in the lobby of a cultural center with people working and passing through. I eventually snapped out of it but I’ll probably keep those sphere within me for a while; I won’t be surprised if I see them again in my dreams.


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