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March 17th, 2008: Rafael Anton Irisarri / Greg Haines

@instants chavirés

Greg Haines opened and I really liked his performance, which was comprised of two long pieces and a short encore. No surprise there, as his music features a lot of loops and layering of short phrases, and I’m a certified sucker for these. He used a cello most of the time, but there was also some small metallophone he put to great use at the start of his set by playing it with a bow. I liked the first part better than the others, not just because of this but also because there was some impressive progression in the overall depth of the sound without any letting down in the control of it all, while not preventing some more contemplative parts. The second piece was tamer in comparison, or rather less interesting, maybe because of a more conventional use of his instruments. The encore was a short one featuring some percussive use of the cello through some tapping and the use of mallets. Nice in an unpretentious and light-hearted way.

After that Rafael Anton Irisarri was a bit of a letdown. The blurry images didn’t help — way too obvious for this music. It was not bad, but so conventional after that opening performance, dreamy music with an overdose of reverb. But I think the real cause of my disappointment was that I failed to get what the live performance brought to this music. To me it’s much better suited to be a soundtrack to some long walk in cold weather. Maybe I would have found something in there had I known more about it before. But Greg Haines was a tough act to follow, he just set the bar too high.


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