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March 18th, 2008: Robyn Orlin – Dressed to kill… killed to dress…

@théatre de la ville

OK, third strike, I’m out. I give up on trying to get her work. I did like the first one I saw, but since then I have seen a wall rise higher each time. I could blame it on been stuck in the middle of the front row, but even though it didn’t help, I can only blame myself for being that dense. It was both too obvious and literal, and too familiar. She has a system in place and sticks to it. Even the most elaborate dance sequence — performed by a guy in a wife-beater during a parade of sharp dressed people — was painfully ironic; of course that was intentional, but it was so predictable. Each time I thought I could get in, through dance, music or the videos in the background, I was defeated by that heavy handedness. I don’t think there would be any point in writing down my memories of this show, knowing full well I just whiffed and completely missed the point.


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  1. For me it was first strike, but I’m out. This must be one of the worst dance/theatre shows I have seen in years. As a South African I felt embarrassed at the low quality of the show: the acting, dancing and the visuals (apart from a few effective shots) were very amateurish. I would have left half way through the show if I hadn’t sat in the middle of the hall.
    Perhaps I’m just not cool and hip enough to get it. But it smelt of a cheap ride on South African traditions. It is a shame as there is so much great stuff out there. Even the traditional group singing act was of mediocre level – one can find better on the Cape Town streets.

    Comment by Anonymous | March 20, 2008 | Reply

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