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March 22nd, 2008: Datashock + Time Life / Tom Carter / Glenn Jones

@les voutes

Go there to listen to all three sets.

Three very different projects, allegedly tied together by guitar playing, even though that turned out to take some creative thinking for the third one; not that I care.

Glenn Jones played twelve strings guitar for most of his set, with a couple of tunes on banjo and a brief appearance by a more regular electric guitar. I’m usually not a fan of that style of playing, too neat and technical for me, but this time I did enjoy it. I really liked a song he said was about Martha’s Vineyard, but I can’t remember the name. Maybe I was just won over my the guy’s stage banter, or maybe it’s my not having heard this kind of music for a while, but the technical excellence did not annoy me; I’d rather chalk that up to his having more than just technique.

Tom Carter also did a solo guitar performance, but that’s about where the common ground stops. Loops, a lot of feedback and some e-bow fun, which I’m always partial to. Weirdly enough though, it turned out not to be that interesting in the long run. Nice sound, but I thought it was a bit too predictable. Just another sign that I need to widen my horizons, I’m becoming picky.

The closing act brought Datashock and Time Life together. There actually was a guitar in there, but what really got my attention was their using tapes. Again a completely different style, and having five people instead of one increased the contrast. At times it reminded me of the less structured tendencies of volcano and the most cohesive moments of sunburned. There was that aha moment when the separate sounds and exploration kinda fell together, then pretty much went up until the end. My favorite set of the evening.


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  1. thx cool that you liked our set.
    you can hear it there

    Comment by Pascal | April 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks to you for that set! I’m putting that link in the original post.

    Comment by counterfnord | April 4, 2008 | Reply

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