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April 4th, 2008: Grey Skull / MoHa!

@instants chavirés

I know I had seen MoHa! about two years ago, but even though I was sure I liked them, I didn’t remember what they sound like at all; that’s exactly why I started this thing. Anyway, I still like them a lot. The drumming was relentless and fast yet seemingly tightly controlled. The other guy played guitar and keyboards at the same time — not much more than some chords on guitar though — and though slower it was no less dynamic. Both mesh very well and delivered a great performance, maybe a bit short, but I guess it just felt that way, and it’s better for a set to seem to short than too long anyway. I hope it won’t be two years to their next stop around here.

I was not that keen on Grey Skull. I can see why they’ve been compared to Fat Worm of Error, but I kinda regret having heard that, that reference got in the way. Apart from cumbersome rumors, it was quite good in a freak noise way, but the acting looked over the top to me. I mean it was too close to the expected antics, and I’d rather be surprised. The bass was the most interesting to me, so I close my eyes to keep the singer from distracting me. It did work better that way, but the set came to a close just as I was really getting into it. My bad.


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