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April 13th, 2008: Silver Mt. Zion


OK, I am feeling lazy, being late writing this and using the shorthand version of the band‘s name. Anyway I missed part of the show and the opening band, so that’s fitting. I still caught about an hour of their set, which means five songs or so.

My first impression was how much better their sounded compared to the last I had seen them. Probably the smaller venue, but the drums were crisper. Good thing too, I was immediately into it. I though I had seen them enough to not regret missing them this time, but that was a good one. I hadn’t even heard anything from their latest release, but I liked the new material. Different, maybe as close to regular rock than they got since some stuff on their second record; which still isn’t anywhere close, mind you. I do think it’s more balanced this way, and the strings and voices are all the more potent. When I say different, it’s no sea change either, the familiar ingredients are still there as usual. That had me thinking I was getting tired of it, but it just was not the case. I still like them a lot. Again, they ended with Hang on to each other. It does work very well, even though I have mixed feelings about that. It’s not really the predictability, it’s my familiarity with it that runs against what I’m about these days.


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